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A Somali journalist trapped in Yemen says UNHCR’s Mohamed Abdi Affey is “disgraceful to humanity”

Yemen, Sana’a (Buuhoodle Post) A Somali journalist trapped in Yemen said on Saturday that the UNHCR Envoy to Somali Refugees is “disgraceful to Humanity”.

The United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi appointed a Somali diplomat Mohamed Abdi Affey as his Special Envoy for Somali refugees to represent UNHCR and himself at a diplomatic level.
“Mohamed Abdi Affey’s UNHCR is disgraceful to humanity and does not deserve to work for a leading humanitarian agency, like UNHCR,” said Ahmed Abdi, a Somali journalist trapped in Yemen, who registered with UNHCR in a statement to Buuhoodle Post.
“He did not follow up my case and dozens of messages that I have sent to him through his Facebook accounts left unanswered,”  said Abdi. “He sent me,’Thank you’ notes for my coverage about his activities only.”
“I talked with Affey on phone late last year and he recommended my case to the former UNHCR Protection Officer, Stephen Maier, who arranged my meeting with his colleague, Jamal,” said Mr. Abdi.
But weeks later, Jamal sent him to Mohammed Omar, a notorious protection officer who originally from Ethiopia and then Habib Alnoor, a Senior Resettlement Assistant from Taiz.
“Both of them told me that they couldn’t help my family-reunification case because Australia’s immigration officials have already stopped taking in people from Yemen, according to these case workers.”
“I also sent a Facebook message to Dr. Grand and he wrote back to me with advice.He suggested to me to turn to UNHCR field Office,” said Mr. Abdi.
Born in Jubaland, Somalia to an Ethiopian-Somali mother and a  father from Somalia, who emigrated to Brisbane, Australia, through UNHCR Channels with his second wife and seven of his children in 2015, Abdi, aged in his early 30s, has become a refugee at a young age and has been an exile for many years yet escaped arrest and fled to Yemen when he had a problem with Djibouti Police and Ethiopian Embassy amid his coverage of the Ogaden violence.
On March 25, 2015, The first night of the Arab coalition airstrikes on Yemen, a missile hit his house but fortunately unexploded.
Abdi received death threats from Ethiopian General, Gebre Heard and Djibouti secret Intelligence Servicemen via Facebook amid writing something they did not favor of.
Members from European Union and Reporters without Borders shared his messages with their colleagues. Julie Ward MEP for the North West of England continued to speak about his particular situation and also mentioned him in her vote on Thursday, 25 February 2016.
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