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A Somali community leader in Yemen calls Mohamed Abdi Affey, The UNHCR Special Envoy to Somali Refugees,”A liar”

Sana’a, Yemen (Buuhoodle Post)- A Somali community leader in Yemen called on Wednesday the UNHCR Special Envoy to Somali Refugees Mohamed Abdi Affey, “A liar”  in a comment that he submitted on Facebook.

“Affey is a liar that those who are defending such man are really looking the World with oxen eyes,” said Ismail Haji, in a response to social media trolls believed to be hired by Mr. Affey to protect his image.

“Affey is zero on the left side,” added the community leader who was among community leaders arranged to meet Affey last December by the staffers of the UNHCR’s Bureau for Refugee Affairs (BRA).

The United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi appointed a Somali-Kenyan diplomat Mohamed Abdi Affey as his Special Envoy for Somali refugees to represent UNHCR and himself at a diplomatic level.

Mr. Haji is among Somali refugees held in a Refugee Camp since 1991 and never their cases referred to a third country nor offered a durable solution -36 years is far too long to be held in a refugee camp.

“I’ve been here in Yemen since 1990s and that’s always what happens to the forgotten refugees in Yemen, said the leader in a separate statements.

Ahmed Abdi, A Somali Independent Journalist based in Yemen said last month, “Mohamed Abdi Affey’s UNHCR’s disgraceful to Humanity.”

Born in Somalia to an Ethiopian-Somali mother and a  father from Somalia, who emigrated to Brisbane, Australia, through UNHCR Channels with his second wife and seven of his children in 2015, Abdi, aged in his early 30s, has become a refugee at a young age and has been an exile for many years yet escaped arrest and fled to Yemen when he had a problem with Djibouti Police and Ethiopian Embassy amid his coverage of the Ogaden violence.

On March 25, 2015, The first night of the Arab coalition airstrikes on Yemen, a missile hit his house but fortunately unexploded.
Abdi received death threats from Ethiopian General, Gebre Heard and Djibouti secret Intelligence Servicemen via Facebook amid writing something they did not favor of.
Members of the European Union and Reporters without Borders shared his messages with their colleagues. Julie Ward MEP for the North West of England continued to speak about his particular situation and also mentioned him in her vote on Thursday, 25 February 2016.
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